Car Price Release Dates Launches Online Community


(Los Angeles, CA)— Car Price Release Dates recently announced the launch of their new online community for car enthusiasts. The new website is dedicated to the discovery and reporting of the latest information on upcoming automotive pricing and release dates. Those who would like to get a glimpse of the information that Car Price Release Dates is sharing with their readers can do so at

“Every true car enthusiast gets excited when they hear about the release of a new vehicle, especially if they’ve been anticipating the arrival of a concept car or waiting for a manufacturer to bring back their most beloved model from decades ago,” said Alfred Tribble of Car Price Release Dates. “It’s always best for those planning to test drive or buy their dream car to have the information they need before the official release so that they can ensure they don’t miss out. Fortunately, our readers no longer have to scour the internet or hang around car forums to get the information they want. Instead, they can simply log on to our site to find out all they need to know about upcoming releases from their favorite manufacturers and learn how to get in on the action.”

At car lovers will be able to get regular updates on new releases and pricing from some of their favorite manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi as well as luxury car makers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Lamborghini, and more. Car Price Release Dates rates each upcoming release based on performance, design, safety, and top speed and provides a full picture gallery as well as in-depth reviews letting buyers know what they can expect.

As Tribble continued, “As car enthusiasts ourselves, we are grateful for the opportunity to give those in our community a central place to get all of their release date and car pricing information. As we gain more insider information, we’ll be sure to share it with our readers so they can always be in the know about their most anticipated vehicle releases.”

Those who would like to learn more about Car Price Release Dates and stay up to date on their insider tips and information can visit

About Car Price Release Dates:

Car Price Release Dates was developed with car enthusiasts in mind. The site seeks to bring the car community together to get the latest news about upcoming automotive pricing and release dates. Car Price Release Dates focuses on the best and most sought-after car manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, and more.


Car Corner Introduces Financing Approval Guarantee


(Edmonton, Canada)—Car Corner, a premier used car dealership serving residents in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, introduced their approval guarantee for customers who are looking for a high-quality reliable vehicle to add to their driveway or to replace the one they have.

The car lot itself has a rich, 75-year history of providing vehicles to customers making it the oldest operating car dealership in Edmonton. The dealership wants residents to know that they have a near-100 percent approval rate for vehicle financing applications, making it highly likely that anyone will be able to drive off of the lot in one of their used vehicles. Financing applications are available at

“Car Corner has been a fixture in the community for more than a decade while our staff collectively provides over 100 years of sales and financing experience. Our customers have come to know us not only for our large inventory of quality used vehicles, but also for our expert ability to get just about anyone into one of those vehicles,” said Fred Saab of Car Corner.

As Saab continued, “Our dealership has always been an innovator when it comes to subprime car loans and has been doing this type of financing long before it became popular. We have been providing financing for used car deals in western Canada for years and want our retail customers to know that we are experts when it comes to securing financing for customers who have bad credit or lack any credit history at all.”

At customers will have the opportunity to browse through Car Corner’s high volume of used vehicles. In addition to providing a free CarProof vehicle history report with every car they sell, all of Car Corner’s vehicles are certified with a Mechanical Fitness Assessment. This is a 64-point inspection conducted by a government-approved mechanic. The dealership also performs a supplementary inspection to ensure each vehicle is safe and reliable.

Saab went on to say, “We don’t believe that having credit challenges should stop a person from being able to drive off the lot in the vehicle they really want. Our dealership has many repeat customers who appreciate the fact that we are able to get them into a car when other dealerships have been less than accommodating. We invite residents who are worried about obtaining financing for their next vehicle to give us a call or visit our website to see how our guarantee can help them turn their fears into action.”

Those who would like to learn more about Car Corner or apply for their virtually guaranteed vehicle financing should visit for more information.

About Car Corner:

Car Corner has been at the same Edmonton dealership location for over a decade and is currently in the process of constructing a new, state of the art 14,000 square foot facility with completion expected within the next 2 years. The dealership sells and finances used vehicles for people with good and bad credit in BC, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Car Corner is a member of the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council in Alberta and is licensed with the Alberta Insurance Council.


Finding Ways To Keep Up With Vehicles

Advantages of Buying a Used Car Who doesn’t love cars? We may even love them too much that we judge and are judged based on what we drive. We put a lot of emphasis on driving only the best that we’re willing to buy anything and pay for value that drops like a bag of rocks. If you are searching for a way to become penniless and remain that way, stop thinking and just grab that new car at the dealership. If you want to use your head, better. Let’s start from the top. For most individuals, a car is the second most expensive item they will ever own in their lifetime (after a house). Considering you’ll probably pay tens of thousands of dollars to own and maintain an automobile over the years, it is important to be careful when buying and deciding how to buy one.
On Vehicles: My Thoughts Explained
If you have debt and zero emergency fund, think twice before buying a car. It’s wise to straighten up up your money mess first. While you’re trying to get out of debt, be content driving a beater car. The moment you are debt-free is the moment you can upgrade.
5 Takeaways That I Learned About Cars
A new car decreases in value by 60% to 70% within the first four years; if you stay away from new automobiles, you will save you a lot just on depreciation. If you buy a $30,000 ride sell it for $13,000 after four years, that won’t be smart. Technically speaking, only those who have net worth of at least $1 million should buy new cars. Always pay in cash is the first rule of buying a car. Forget about car loan payments. It’s not unusual to make a $400 payment for a car. If that’s possible for, then saving the same amount monthly can also be done. Save $400 monthly for 10 months and you can purchase a $4,000 used car without getting in debt and paying interest. While we’re on the topic of payments, don’t fall for the car lease trap. After fees, mileage, fees and surprise charges, it’s the priciest way to own a vehicle. After you’ve saved the cash and selected a set of wheels you really like, do not allow yourself to be emotionally attached to it. Maintain objectivity and put that walk-away power to work. It’s only a car, and if the seller senses that you are dying to buy, they won’t make you a deal. Bring your mechanic (or anyone you know is an expert) to check the car’s condition. Quietly take your time examining the vehicle. The seller should come down on the price. All of this may sound quite basic, which is exactly what it is. Purchasing a car doesn’t have to be complex. Buy used and with cash. You can only thank yourself later.

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Simple Tips – Men’s Shaving

It is really important that you keep up with your need as a man and avoiding any blemishes and type of skin problems is really important. Easy tips to follow if you want to keep your skin looking young and fresh.

A lot of men do this because it is necessary to look clean especially when you work in the corporate world but the shaving cream they use or the foam in their face contains a lot of chemicals, making it really dangerous for them to keep on using it.

What would be the best thing to use in this type of situation?
Short Course on Products – What You Need To Know

Some products will also be able to rehydrate the facial skin and it also has some other benefits into it. But the most basic and traditional shaving foam that most men use is really bad for the skin as it dries it out and making it really punishing for people with sensitive skin.
Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Equipment

The consistency of the shaving cream gives more lather thus meaning this will ensure that the cushioning is much more desirable when you shave.

It is essential that you see the difference in each shaving lubricant because for shaving it is really essential that you look after he products that you put in your face because it will really make it or break it in that point.

There are lubricants that will either help you remove blemishes and avoid dryness of skin and there are also lubricants that are too much of chemical ingredients that will really damage your skin and that is why you should consider the product you are using.

Shaving foam is the common shaving lubrication men are using and it is not so really good when you shave almost every week because it will make your facial skin dryer and also it will be worse for people with really sensitive facial skin. The shaving gel is better and is more useful in terms of benefits because it produces good amount of lather for a person to get his unwanted hair off his face and it also hydrates the facial skin, making it a lot more good and bringing in more advantage of using shaving gel because it provides more good qualities compared to the shaving foam.

The other lubricant and the perfect and most recommended is the shaving cream. The consistency of the shaving cream provides the perfect amount of lather in cushioning the blade as it glides your skin and that is why the shaving cream is the most used shaving lubricant by men today.

The details about men shaving is really important so that you will be able to keep that clean image without any skin impurities.

Having the right tips in handling your face is really important especially when it comes to taking care of the quality of your skin. This is really important these days because it is now becoming a need to stay clean and fresh and with the help of these tips in making shaving unwanted hair easier, it will really help you in a lot of ways.

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Benefits Of A Day In Spa

It has been a necessity by everyone to be pampered due to the fact that they love and deserve it. Pampering yourself at home has become almost impossible due to the stressful lifestyle and hectic schedules brought about by demands of everyday living. The good news is that because of the rise of salons and day spa centres almost everywhere, you can now get different spa medication and beauty benefits under one roof. You will be left feeling rejuvenated both on the inside and the outside after visiting day spa centres and salons a couple of times.

Spas have been around and is used as a form of therapy for relaxation and rejuvenation since the ancient times of the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks as the concept came from them. Now-a-days, spas and salons do not just soak you in a tub for a couple of hours, they do a lot more to maximize the experience. You will feel more refreshed and beautiful with the treatments spas and salons provide that give both medical and beauty benefits.

The following are some of the facilities of spas and salons you can benefit a lot from.
Interesting Research on Options – What You Didn’t Know

With a body massage, you will discover a lot of health benefits that you have never known before as the massage therapist provide information about your body while giving you a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. Back pain, arthritis, muscle soreness, and other body ailments will be alleviated with a body massage, also, it can help shake off any stress you have acquired during your day. Improved sleeping habits and subtle weight loss is also a result of a spa session.
What Do You Know About Services

If you want to experience an invigorating massage in total privacy, you would want to book a Cyber Relax chair massage. By releasing your body’s natural endorphins and decreasing muscle tension while increasing circulation in ultimate comfort, the Cyber Relax chair can decrease stress and body pain.

Spray tan services that can give you a sun-kissed look in matter of minutes are offered by a lot of spas and salons. Spray tans are preferred by many than the natural way because exposing yourself to the sun’s UV rays can also have harmful effects. Airbrush tanning is not only safe, but it also lasts longer than natural tanning. Spray tanning is done manually by a tanning expert and it gives fast results and does not leave any tan lines unlike natural tanning where it takes a couple of hours to get that perfect tan. Even when the sun is not out like during winter, you can get a tan and a completely natural looking glow.

For a lot of people, regular facials are not enough, which is why spas and salons offer a red light facial that can give you more than a regular one. Red light treatment is clinically proven to provide benefits to the skin. A facial can help you shed in a few years along with wrinkles and fine lines and other problems, but with a red light body therapy, damaged cells will be repaired, collagen will be stimulated, and skin will be tightened.

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Cars

Fuel Saving: Ideas to Help You

Among the heated debates in the last many years is the debate on what it takes to save a tad more of fuel. Everybody seems to be complaining about high fuel prices and a small number comprehend the mysteries surrounding the erratic increase and decrease of fuel prices. Fuel cost is indeed a big challenge for a big number of car owner and with the current turbulent economy, prices could even go higher. Selling their cars or inclining towards public transport are thus the two options that automobile owners are left with. All hope is however not lost for the reason that something can definitely be done to improve fuel consumption whether you drive an old beater or a car that is new. Outlined below are a couple of recommendations that will help make this a reality and along the same line prevent holes from being poked through your wallet.

Very few folks are aware that tire pressure does have a say when it comes to consumption of fuel. It is imperative to have the habit of checking your tire pressure at least every week. This is for the reason that any under-inflation will cause resistance in terms of movement and the car’s engines will have no option other than to consume more gas. Maintaining your tires at the recommended pressure is a sure fire way of keeping your set of wheels moving smoothly devoid of resistance so as to consume lesser fuel amounts.

It is sensible for a vehicle that is carrying load to consume more gas in comparison to another that has none. The more the cargo, the higher the fuel consumed but reality is that you will be forced to carry load in one way or the other. This does not however mean that you at all times have to carry cargo such as sporting gear that might not be needed with you. All in all, the goal here is to at all times keep the vehicle light as possible as this is a sure fire way of keeping you smiling as a Cheshire cat in terms of saving a tad more of fuel.

If you’re a driver that is fond of stepping hard on the accelerator, fuel saving will remain a far-fetched dream. Aim at driving at constant speeds and at higher gears as this is known to bring down fuel combustion. Cruise control is yet another way to achieve the same when driving on the highway. Being a smoother driver ensures that less fuel is consumed, and arriving in a calm state at your destination comes as an added bonus.


The Essential Laws of Wheels Explained

How Most Car Owners Can Easily Find Good Car Wheels For Sale

There are numerous websites that are mostly dedicated in the sale of car wheels, there are various websites that offer important information about car wheels and what they can get to do to enhance the performance of their car. If people want to purchase a car wheel on a certain online website, they need to do the proper research in making sure that the website that they are buying from is trustworthy and can offer a variety of car wheels. When people buy a car, stock models would mostly come with a specific size of car wheel like some vehicles can have 13 inch rims and the bigger the size of the car so does the size of the car wheel that it needs.

Car wheels can have sizes up to 27 inches and also above as there are a big number of brands are developing larger sizes for new kinds of SUVS, while there are also cars which have different sized wheels. To easily enhance the look of their car and improve their overall performance, people can get to increase the size of the wheel which is called plus sizing and it is a term that refers in increasing the size of the car wheel on their car

Plus sizing is mostly chosen by drivers for steering response, better handling and also cornering ability and when they get to add inches to the tire then there is more surface which can then be in contact with the road. Plus sizing the wheel can also get to easily enhance the sporty look of their own car, this can easily be done by inching up and there are different methods of how they can inch up their tires to easily improve their total performance.

Old cars had steel wheels in the past, this has changed due to the fact the weight of the steel and the cars today are designed to be sleek and also aerodynamic as possible and this is why alloy wheels are used. Alloy wheels are lighter and it has become a valuable part of the safety of the car and also total performance, these car wheels have really evolved the racing market as cars are needed to be lighter.

Alloy wheels because of their functional good looks have really become popular in the mainstream aftermarket car sales and there are a number of websites which can get to sell these types of car wheels. People needs to get to do their research on which one of these websites are reliable, they can try to read different reviews about their website to make sure they are selling real alloy car wheels for their customers.


A Beginners Guide To Services

Consumer’s Guide to Tires and Wheels for Sale

It is a bit disconcerting to imagine that the wheels on a vehicle are the one single link to the road surface. You can possess the most powerful engine, the most advanced transmission, the most complex super-trick suspension, and every other automotive widget known to mankind, but it’s worth nothing if the tires (and wheels) are inferior. Fortunately, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that tire technology is at an all-time high and it keeps improving. As it happens, it’s astonishing that even if bad tires can hurt a great car, great tires can do wonders for a less-than-amazing car.

Exchanging your car’s generic stock wheels to advanced aftermarket wheels can seem like a good idea, but it has some risks. Don’t worry – you just have to understand what to search for before ordering. Here are some of the most important considerations to remember when looking for the best wheels for sale.

Choosing Wheel & Tire Size

Bigger does not always imply better, and this is also applicable to shifting to aftermarket wheels. Although larger rims appear great, they can negatively affect your ride quality and are more costly than their smaller alternatives. On the other hand, wider wheels can utilize wider tires, which give your vehicle more improved traction. This is vital if you employ your rig for off-roading or other extreme driving situations. To identify what size tires you would need with your bigger wheels, use a tire size calculator.

Boosting Performance with New Rims and Tires

You can also enhance to boost your vehicle’s performance through purchasing new rims and tires together. Altering the size of your rims can change how your vehicle rides, and the rims’ material can also affect performance. Increasing rim diameter usually shortens the tire’s sidewall, so, boosting the tire’s grip on the road and the vehicle’s handling and steering response. Widening the rim makes the tire stability on corners better, some of which would be lost if the rim were only taller and not wider.

Check Tread Pattern

The tread pattern of a tyre has a huge influence on the tyre’s wet weather performance, which relies upon its capacity to channel water away from the contact patch between the tyre and the road. The tread pattern also affects in how much road noise is made by the tyre because of air getting trapped and expelled from those channels during running. Tests have proven that the tread pattern of a tyre does not have as big of an impact as the compound of the tyre when talking about traction, but nevertheless it has a part.


Case Study: My Experience With Wheels

Where To Buy New Rims?

It can either be a frustrating or rewarding experience to buy a new set of wheels. If you are going to follow the suggestions that are listed in this article, rest assure that it is going to be a fun and rewarding one. Throughout the whole process, you can get to save lots of cash and leg work as well. Are you seeking for ways of spicing up your ride with new set of rims? When you have a car that you are proud of, it is just natural instinct that you want to make sure it is looking at its best. And there’s no better way to start it up with its rims.

There are some things that you need to know on the other hand before you look for new rims and you may want to keep some things in mind.

Where can I buy – there are many options where you can buy rims for your car like for instance, you may go into your local car dealer, look into a specialty auto aftermarket store, stop in at a wheel/tire center or retailer and so forth. By going to such places, you can find rims and if you are lucky enough, you’ll get fair selection of it. On the other hand, if you want to get wide selection of rims, then you probably should look online. When you are buying online, you won’t be limited to the retailers in your area in store but also, you’ll have the chance to shop from other towns, state, city or country, so long as they have an accessible website.

Why is it important to have wide selection – it is essential that you have a broad selection when purchasing new wheels as you want your vehicle to look for one of a kind and you want the rims as well to fit your car. When buying online, you can get to see lots of styles and even brands that come in alloy and chrome. If you are one of the many people who look for something special however, you’ll find colored rims, wheels with colored lug nuts, rims with diamonds on them, rims with lights and almost any customization you want to be done.

What should I know when buying online – when shopping online, you have to look for a website that provides reviews. Many of the merchants online are providing customer feedback so by that, their prospective customers can get to see how satisfied their previous customers are. The cost of shipping can be a concern to some who shop online but there are some online stores that offer free shipping too.


Practical and Helpful Tips: Automobiles

Finding Excellent Wheels Online

High-quality wheels are important because they will ensure that you travel safely. Moreover, you should understand your needs before you begin to do your shopping. In addition, you should investigate a number of companies before picking one.

Thus, if any of your potential online companies states that they have less stock then you should move to another one. That means that store that you pick should have different kinds of wheels so that you can have a wide selection. Take time to look at the pictures that are available on the sites. Also, another benefit of online shopping is that you can determine the differences in the price range of the companies. The firms that will send a reply on time indicates that they care about the interests of their customers and are the best choices for you. You should stop conducting further research on the companies that take a long time before they reply as well as the ones that fail to reply at all.

There are a number of organizations that have both websites and physical stores. Listen carefully to their experiences both negative and positive so that you can learn them better. In addition, make sure that you understand the return policy of the companies so that if in the future you want to return any product it can be easy for you. Some people think that doing research is a waste of time; however, it is better to do research rather than find out that you bought your wheels from an incompetent seller.

It is much easy to buy wheels from an internet based organization that has the resources to deliver the items to your door step. Therefore, you should ask in good time so that you can prepare yourself. Also, when going to the shopping mall to do your shopping, there are chances that you will experience traffic and therefore you will take a lot of time to get to your destination. Therefore, you are the one to determine the right time to do your shopping. In other words, online shopping is the best kind of shopping for you.

Additionally, there are better prices online that will assist you to save money. On the other hand, it is very hard to find a physical store that offers promotions easily since you will have to travel from one shop to another searching for the most suitable one. Hence, make sure that you concentrate on shops that will make your shopping experience a smooth one. Also, it should be protected so that you can be certain that your financial details will not be accessible to anyone else online. Make an effort to read online reviews of the different sites as that is a good way of finding out about the kind of reputation that the firms have.