All Informations About Car Computers

Modern cars can easily run on up to a hundred million lines of software code. In comparison, that’s two or three times the amount of code used for Facebook. With all that code, there’s a lot that they can control, but there’s also a good amount that they can’t.

It’s Actually a Network of Computers
It’s easy to think of your car’s system as a single computer, but it’s actually a network of electronic control modules (ECMs) scattered across your car. These are connected to a network of sensors that connect the computers to the mechanical workings of the car.

What Can Computers Control?
Cars run on mechanical energy and power. The computers use electronic impulses, and control the mechanical workings of the car through electrical motors. Often, this is done through motorized pumps and motors that are scattered throughout the car. You might be surprised by how many systems this controls, including:

– Brake fluid pumps for anti-lock braking.
– Transmission systems that have motors to change gears.
– Electronic fuel injection to govern the fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber.
– Cruise control systems.
– Air bag systems.
– Keyless entry and ignition security systems
– Climate control.
– Oil and coolant pressure.
And more! As computers gain in sophistication, more and more systems are connected to computers.

What Can’t Computers Control?
Very soon, there won’t be much. Google’s self-driving cars have been on the roads for several years, and the Tesla vehicles have software that allows self-driving capabilities. These use external sensors to steer, slow, and accelerate the vehicles.

Currently, this technology is dependable, but there are still questions about whether the cars will sense changes in the road that aren’t included on maps, rural roads, or see unexpected obstacles in the distance. That being said, some of the brightest minds in computing are tackling the problem, and it won’t be long before self-driving cars can handle any road out there.

What Are Some Hazards of Computer Control?
Take a second to think about your personal computer. You have to think about things like hacking, viruses, malware, software updates, and more. As computers get more control over cars, these same threats become part of dealing with cars. Carmakers are responding with increased attention on security, advanced encryption, and updates that specifically address these hazards.